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Hong Kong, Central – Linksshape (ltd) is a highly-experienced golf construction and construction project management company with a multitude of awards and accolades under its belt, such as the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip golf course to this day consistently placing in the Golf Digest Top 100 Greatest Golf Courses in the World.

Linksshape’s success spans all over Asia, most notably Hong Kong and Vietnam. Vietnam in particular is nowadays regarded as being one of the best, if not the best, golfing destinations in the entire world. Linksshape’s role in the country’s growing international golfing recognition is not to be understated – industry bible Golf Digest’s Top 5 Best Golf Courses in Vietnam ranking consists in its entirety of courses that Linksshape has either built from the ground up, or at the very least contributed to. The only two Vietnamese golf courses to make it onto Golf Digest’s World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses 2022 list have both been created with Linksshape as the main contractor. As such, Linksshape is proud to present its award-winning golf construction projects that play a key role in elevating the golfing landscape of Asia and the entire world. These golf courses include many standard and non-standard solutions, with focuses on luxury, sustainability, and scenic landscapes, as well as pleasure and/or competitiveness of play. The below list includes both public and private golf destinations, with many of the courses being designed by famous figures in golf.

The Hoiana Shores Golf Club received the Best New Golf Course 2020 award from WGA. In 2019, it was named as housing the Asia-Pacific Golf Awards’ Best New Golf Course. Hoiana Shores has also won 2022 Best Golf Course in Vietnam from Vietnam Golf & Leisure Awards, and another 2022 Best Golf Course in Vietnam award from Asian Golf Awards. The club received the industry-leading GEO Sustainability certification in 2020 and was placed by Golf Digest as Vietnam’s 4th Best Golf Course of 2022. As such, Linksshape is delighted to share that the company was responsible for creating the entire course from the ground up, including surveying, cut and fill, irrigation, liner installation, and much more. Work was conducted directly through the planning of design legend Robert Trent Jones Jr.

As the main contractor of The Grand Ho Tram Strip Golf Course & Club in Vietnam, responsible for building the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip golf course, Linksshape puts forward the accolades received by it from Golf Digest and the World Golf Awards (WGA). These include the WGA’s “Best New Course of 2015 award, as well as the course featuring in 35th place on the 2018’s Golf Digest Global Top 100 golf courses. In 2022, the Bluffs took Golf Digest’s Top. 1 as Vietnam’s Best Golf Course. The course has retained a spot on the Golf Digest Global Top 100 for every release of the list since the Strip’s inception. Behind the planning of the course is well-known course designer and golfer Greg “The Shark” Norman.

Linksshape is responsible for the construction of the Kau Sai Chau East Golf Course, winner of World Golf Awards (WGA) Hong Kong’s Best Golf Course 2014 and the Asian Golf Awards Best Public Golf Course in Asia-Pacific 2016-2019. Working in the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau, the company brought the highly praised East course from idea to fruition, being directly involved with all aspects of its construction. The course was designed by Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club has been nominated by the World Golf Awards as Hong Kong’s Best Golf Course every year since 2014. In 2015, it successfully claimed the award. Golf Digest placed the course as No. 1 in Hong Kong for “The Best Golf Courses in Every Country 2022.” Linksshape has maintained a strong presence in the construction and renovation of the courses on offer at the club since 2006. This includes construction of the Academy Course, the Marina Club Entertainment and Events Center, and the Driving Range, as well as taking charge of course renovation, upkeep and modification tasks.

Highly successful golf construction project management has long been Linksshape’s specialty. This can be seen in, for example, the Dunes Da Nang Vietnam Golf Course. Designed by Greg Norman and constructed entirely by Linksshape, the course rapidly gained golfers’ attention upon its opening in 2010. Dunes Da Nang was named the Best Golf Course in Vietnam 2012 by USA Golf Digest, and Best Golf Course in Asia 2011-2013 by Asian Golf Monthly. The course also boasts the 2014 IAGTO Diamond Award. Even though the course was unveiled more than 12 years ago, it is still hugely relevant today – 2022 saw the course take the spot of 2nd best Golf Course in Vietnam and the 99th Greatest Golf Course in the World by Golf Digest’s rankings. Additionally, Vietnam Golf and Leisure Awards named it as part of the Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Vietnam 2022.

Linksshape’s history of working with legendary figures in golf course design took them to work with Sir Nick Faldo on the construction of the Laguna Lang Co Golf Club. Linksshape conducted all of the major engineering works for the Laguna Golf Lang Co course, including site clearance and preparation, bulk cut and fill, rough shaping, and others. The Laguna Lang Co Golf Club has received the award for Best Luxury Golf Resort in Asia 2020 from World Luxury Awards, and was nominated as Asia’s Leading Golf Resort & Spa 2015-2016 by the World Travel Awards. Vietnam Tourism Awards named it as one of the Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Vietnam 2018. The resort was awarded Golf Resort of the Year by IAGTO in 2017, and Golf Digest cited it as the Best Golf Resort in Asia – Vietnam 2017-2018. The club has not lost its splendour, as it is still part of Golf Digest’s Best Golf Resorts in Asia 2022. Importantly, the club is also one of only three Golf Clubs in the world with an “EarthCheck Gold Certified designation. This designation shows the club’s determination for sustainability and natural authenticity, made possible by Linksshape’s engineering efforts.

The Ba Na Hills Golf Course and Club in Vietnam is the winner of World’s Best New Golf Course 2016 (World Golf Awards). Designed by Luke Donald and under the management of IMG, Linksshape contributes to various renovation projects for the course. These renovation projects help the course maintain its excellent status, being named by the WGA as the Best Golf Course in Asia from 2017 until 2021, and currently holding the Best Golf Course in Vietnam award every year since 2017. In 2020, it was placed 89th for “Top Golf Courses in the World” by Golf Digest.

Linksshape’s work in Hong Kong extends to the Discovery Bay Golf Club, which won the WGA Hong Kong’s Best Golf Course 2021 and 2016. In this course, the company proposed, engineered and installed a unique water catchment system. The course has been nominated as Hong Kong’s Best Golf Course every year since 2014.

Linksshape displays their prowess in installing unique water systems not only in Asia, but also in Europe. The Agaralov Estate and Country Club, situated right outside Moscow, showcases the Linksshape team’s expertise in constructing meandering and graceful streams, lakes, sprinkler systems, and waterfalls. The Club was awarded Russia’s Best Golf Course 2015, 2020, and 2021 by World Golf Awards. It has been nominated as Europe’s Best Golf Course 2021 by the World Golf Awards, in addition to receiving the World’s Best Luxury Golf Club 2019 award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Golf Digest placed the course as 4th best in Russia 2018.

For any international readers who don’t know about it…

… what is Golf?

Golf is a sport played on a golf course. Golfers use clubs to hit balls into a series of holes.

Golf is the oldest known ball-and-stick game in the world, dating back to the 15th century.

The game was originally played as a means of training for warfare and, therefore, it was played on battlefields, with each player trying to strike the ball towards an enemy's target or goal.

What is the Future of Golf?

Golf is a sport that has been around for centuries. The game was invented in Scotland in the 1700s, and it quickly became popular among players across Europe. By the 1800s, golf had spread to North America.

Today, golf is played all over the world. It's enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. Golf is an important part of many cultures and traditions around the world. What does the future hold for golf? Here are some possible changes that might happen in 2022.

The Future of Golf is still Bright

With the rise of the millennial population, the sport is gaining popularity.

Despite being an old sport (much like professional dancers studying Ballet, a field that's slowly reducing in number regarding willing dancers), the number of golfers has increased by 10% in recent years, and it's not slowing down anytime soon.

The sport has been making a comeback in recent years, with more and more people being introduced to it every day.

It has also been suggested that one of the reasons for this increase in popularity is due to millennials taking up the sport as a hobby.

The millennial generation are often portrayed as being lazy or having no interest in physical activity, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Millennials are actually very active people who enjoy spending their time on tasks that they find fun or challenging - which is why they're often found doing things like going to concerts or playing sports like golf.

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