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We are proud to share the progress of the Linksshape Hong Kong CWB Team for all ongoing projects

Here you can see more changes at CWB from photos taken by our Irrigation Manager Mindo Lisondra. Photographed include the driving range renovation progress and the work involving tees 12-15. The team is run by Andy Durie, Project/Construction Manager, who is based in Clear Water Bay Golf and Country Club where our main site office sits.

Below you can see progress shots of the driving range, reshaping of the new berm between Tees 12 and 15, turf laid and staked with new sod at Hole 15, the new Tee at hole 13 fitted with new sod, and the shoreline contour of the renovated Driving Range Pond at 80% completion.

The weather has been humid and dull, but all of the works are continuing to be renovated on schedule. Read details about what our Linksshape Hong Kong team have been up to, and follow us to stay in touch with all the latest updates and milestones.


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